P1P Dr.A Introduction

Stepping close to the core!

Everybody started to fear about aging since the time nobody can remember.

A little younger, a little more youthful.
Elixir of youth, described with empty words
Worship of young beauty makes many people lament their aging and makes them unhappy.

P1P Dr. A
makes you focus on irreplaceable you.
If you love yourself truly, you will find an amazing hidden side of you.
Instilling confidence in the hurt self and nurturing belief in oneself to exude happiness and positivity toward life.

Healing is a full return to oneself who knows how to love oneself.

P1P Dr. A is
a P1P-specialized aesthetics brand which is a combines P1P (skin regeneration solution focused on curing cell to return and enhance the cure power) with traditional therapy

Through Korean and overseas aesthetic branches and stores,
we provide P1P products and P1P-specialized caring service.
Make an appointment with the branch near you to get a free one-on-one consultation.

Nothing works by itself.
First, client’s concern is shared
Next, aesthetic spa master provides professional analysis and
Third, our aesthetician puts in hard work.

P1P Dr. A, Protecting your mind through cultivating antibody